A Perfect Marriage of Magic And Mystery - (most popular).


From the end of the ceremony right up until the speeches your guests will absolutely love every magical minute of your day, with not a second of boredom to be felt!  

I stay with your guests throughout the reception drinks and wedding breakfast, bringing the party alive by sharing my A-Class material with everyone. 

You will see flashes of fire, money miraculously changing in to any currency and a plethora of astonishing pieces of magic only stopping after dessert when it's time for The Grand Finale!

Here I hold the room in rapt attention with my award winning ice routine, performed exclusively for the new Mr and Mrs, a beautiful piece of magic which brings warmth to the whole room and leaves the newlyweds with a unique memento to treasure forever.  

After which I say my final goodbye, initiate the speeches and leave you all to dance the night away!


Includes Repertoire 1 & 2

The Grand Finale

Personalised Memento




Delightful Dinner Entertainment.

Feel the atmosphere and energy build, and hear the roaring laughs and audible gasps as I make my way to each table showing you and your guests my incredible feats of magic.

Rings might vanish in a burst of flame and bottles may be pushed through tables, no matter what guests, are guaranteed have lots to talk about!

I approach each table and quickly have everyone involved in the mystery and fun, which is certain to create an exciting talking point for guests, all eager to see what will happen next!


Each table is entertained between the courses of the meal.



Start With A Spark.

The drinks reception is when the new Mr and Mrs are swept away for photos, outfit changes and a celebratory glass of Champagne, to enjoy in private.

In the meantime I'll be setting the atmosphere and tone of the party from the first moment, priming guests for excitement, fun and interaction.  The new found energy carries through the rest of the evening.

Borrowed money melts in people hands, minds are read and questions are raised about what is real and what is fiction.

I break the ice in seconds, sparking plenty of interesting conversation, immediately putting guests at ease as I introduce myself and begin the magic.  I keep the momentum of the day rolling right up until guests are called to be seated for the wedding breakfast.

It's all about having a good time together and including everyone in the fun.