I love performing at weddings, there is always a brilliant atmosphere and everyone is there to share a good time. I turn those sometimes jarring and empty moments in to smooth transitions and entertaining highlights enhancing your special day.


The Drinks Reception

A time just after the ceremony where guests are unleashed to mingle amongst themselves, comments on the wonderful dress, the weather and the beautiful venue soon dry up and the ice is soon in need of breaking. This is where I can brighten up the space and begin subtly approaching groups breaking the ice among guests and creating a unique talking point, this keeps the momentum moving until the guests are called for the wedding breakfast.


The Wedding Breakfast

The groups your guests have formed are now broken up as they find their places to be seated in the dinning room. Now your beloved friends and family are potentially sitting with people they may not know, perfect. I seize this opportunity to seamlessly move from table to table performing table side miracles that get everyone involved, laughing and gasping with astonishment! I use fire and money, and borrow rings and bottles to create lasting memories of impossible moments!



On occasion the photos play a big part of the newly weds special day after all capturing everyone in varying groups makes for a superb photo album. On the day this procedure of waiting to be called for can drag a little for the guests, this time can be filled with excitement and entertainment as those waiting their turn get to see quick and visual moments of magic, speeding the process along with style.



The usual amount of time needed for a wedding day is 2 to 3 hours, depending on your schedule and the amount of guests attending.

I can advise a suitable period of time that will allow for everyone to be dazzled and spellbound on your special day!