“Everyone I have spoken to was fascinated by the close-up magic and all remarked on your great skill coupled with your friendliness.”
— Sue, Bursar’s Secretary, Cambridge University



Create an electric atmosphere which sets the room alive. Guests will be thrilled with delight at the close-up miracles witnessed by the table side, a truly magical experience guaranteed to ignite even the most jaded of imaginations.



Enthuse attendees with bright, refreshing entertainment. Conferences tend to all feel the same, with each one merging in to the next. Breath life in to these formal business events by making yours stand out from the crowd as memorable and imaginative.

103 Nial & Shirley to stomp.jpg


Get guests talking immediately and initiate interesting conversation. With the astonishing pieces of magic in my arsenal I rapidly break the ice and engage everyone, encouraging a vibrant energy and atmosphere conducive for informal networking and rapport building.