Private Party Entertainment

Matthew will make sure your party is the thing everyone is talking about!  Everyone wants their party to be a success and it can be difficult to find new ways to spice up that next special event, Dapper Magic is the perfect solution to make sure party guests have a good time to ensure your party is a huge success.

Cocktail Party Magician - Dapper Magic

Ice breaker & Talking point

There is no stronger ice breaker or talking point than a magician.  Matthew makes sure everyone is having lots fun and will do impossible things which guests just HAVE to talk about!

Party Magician - Dapper Magic

Garden Drinks

Interactive entertainment as guests are arriving is a great way to set the tone, energy and atmosphere for any event.  Matthew makes sure guests are primed for a great evening with light hearted fun and amazing magic!

Mix and Mingle Party Magician - Dapper Magic

Dinner Party 

Entertainment between the courses of the meal is a great way to liven a space!  Matthew is sensitive to social eco-systems and knows when and how to give everyone a fun show which packs a punch!

How Matthew works

Matthew has a huge repertoire and will certainly know how to get the party started with his exciting engaging magic!  Matthew is used to performing at strolling and mix & mingle events, his magic here is quick, interactive and fun and never fails to excite guests and spark conversations.

Magic by the table side focuses on getting the tables relaxed together with a common point of reference and shared experience to talk about.  It's a kind of miniature 'show' which involves as a many people at the table as possible and creates vivid lasting memories.

Not 'another' card trick!

Matthew includes a variety of different magical demonstrations and doesn't just do 'card tricks' (thank goodness!) pushing bottles through tables, borrowing money and rings from guests to later appear inside fruit or reappear in a burst of flames!  Objects move without touching them, metal bends, and minds are read.  Cards are still used in his performances but are not the soul feature of his act. 

New items are seldom included as they must meet the standard and quality already held by his current working repertoire, however Matthew is always working to find and create new items which he knows will amaze and delight even the most sharp minded and observant of spectators.

Check your date is avalible 

Hire a Party Magician - Dapper Magic
Private Party Magician - Dapper Magic