MEMORABLE Wedding entertainment

Straight after the ceremony I start my work. 

I begin by interacting with everyone, having fun and creating a party atmosphere using 'dapper magic' to break the ice and create a strong talking point which brings friends and family together.


People person

I love Magic and I love People!

Bringing people together and having fun is something every wedding day should be able to achieve, I do this by giving people a slice of mystery, the dapper way.

Weddings present the perfect opportunity to integrate friends and family together!  I kick start the process by doing interesting, visual and highly interactive magic which people will absolutely love watching and, most importantly, will talk to each other about!


Creating memories

Magic Works.

"Do you remember those chair covers at John and Ann's wedding?!  They were amazing!" - ...Said Nobody, Ever!

People will (and do) remember the magical experiences I created for them years after the event! 

Quality magic is so memorable and so rare that when people see it done properly they literally want to tell everyone about the magician who - "Made MY ring vanish right in-front of my eyes and appear inside a SEALED envelope I was holding the whole time!?" 

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World Class Magic

The Dapper Magic Standard. 

Having confidence in your suppliers is paramount to enjoying a stress free and successful wedding day.  

You can find out more about my career, awards and achievements in the about section of the site.  My latest accolade is becoming The Magic Circle's Close-up Magician of The Year 2017

I always offer the opportunity to meet ALL my clients in person to showcase my personality and style of magic, simply complete the contact form and request a meeting date and time which suits you best!