magic with sophisticated charm

Dapper Magic

HOW magic should be done

Matthew turns close-up magic in to an exciting experience which everyone will talk about!

Dapper magic is magic performed with a modern flare and a classic finesse just a few inches from your eyes in a way which is engaging and has people laughing, smiling and having fun immediately.  

Matthew works regularly for some the countries most intelligent minds and this has made his magic highly sophisticated to ensure even most skeptical of people are entertained and left baffled.


what will you see?

Bottles are pushed through tables, signed money appears inside fruit, borrowed rings vanish and reappear in a burst of flames and metal bends in people hands, to name just a few items from Matthews current working repertoire. 

High impact and visual magic performed in a fun and interactive way is what makes Dapper Magic stand out as the popular choice.


Matthews APPROACH 

People management and social sensitivity plays a huge role in when it comes to interactive entertainment and creating an enjoyable experience.  Matthew is subtle in his approach and expertly adapts to his environment to ensure guests feel comfortable and are enjoying themselves.  

Matthew provides a service which truly serves the client, he will stay with guests entertaining them throughout a given part of the event, whether that is during reception drinks, during a meal or for a summer party.  He will only leave when everyone has been seen to or until the next pert of the event begins, ensuring a stress free way of working.



Matthew provides his service to event organisers and a wide range of companies, from University faculties to large blue chip businesses all wanting to add something extra to enhance their social functions and leave a remarkable impression on their clients and employees.

Whether it's a new product launch, an away day or a Christmas party, the ability to light up a room of people leaving them excited, talking and holding on to lasting memories of impossible moments only experienced at your event.



December is a time which brings great demand on Matthews services, a time for celebrating it is indeed.  He is booked well in advance for corporate Christmas parties in and around Cambridge.

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Hi Matt,
Thank you so much for Saturday night, everyone thought you were amazing! Good Luck in Spain...look forward to seeing you again in December
Best Regards,
Lynn & Martin, 40th Birthday party, Cambridge