Close-Up Magic

Close-up magic is one of the finest forms of entertainment a person can experience.

Close-up magic is exactly that; it's magic performed just a few inches from your eyes. Sometimes the magic happens right in your hands, at your finger tips or sometimes inside your mind, as thoughts and actions can be read with incredible accuracy using a very specific skill set. Being a magician in Cambridge I work regularly for some of the countries most intelligent minds and this has made my magic more sophisticated to ensure even the most skeptical of people are entertained and left baffled.



I incorporate a mixture of skills to create the illusion of the impossible into my performances.

Metal bends, fire bursts, object move and minds are read all for entertainment and amusement. I borrow objects such as finger rings, bank notes and coins to demonstrate miracles and create lasting memories.



Being the corporate magician in Cambridge I provide entertainment to event organisers and companies, ranging from Cambridge University faculties to large blue chip businesses, who wish to add something extra special to enhance their social functions.

Whether it's a new product launch, an away day or a Christmas party, the ability to light up a room of people leaving them excited, talking and leaving them with lasting memories of impossible moments.



December is a time that brings a wonderful demand on my services; a time for celebrating it is indeed.  I am frequently booked for corporate Christmas parties, at venues holding festive events and at Manors in and around Cambridgeshire.  How better to impress one’s clients!

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Magician in Cambridge

Magician in Cambridge

Close-up Magician in Cambridge

Hi Matt,
Thank you so much for Saturday night, everyone thought you were amazing! Good Luck in Spain...look forward to seeing you again in December
Best Regards,
Lynn & Martin, 40th Birthday party, Cambridge