Close-up magic, when professionally presented, is one of the finest forms of entertainment a person can experience.

It's the type of magic performed just a few inches form your eyes. Sometimes the magic happens right in your hands, at your finger tips and sometimes even inside your mind as thoughts and actions can be read with incredible accuracy using a very specific skill set. 

My approach is flexible and I use good judgment in selecting the right tone and correct energy level to suit the environment and the guests I am presented with.

Frequently  praised for it's social qualities as an; Ice breaker - Talking point - And rapport builder

In short

I bend metal, move objects with my mind and read thoughts alongside the classics such as floating objects, producing fire and one of the worlds most polished linking rings performances. I also borrow objects such as finger rings, bank notes and coins to demonstrate miracles and create lasting memories.

I incorporate a mixture of sleight of hand, psychology, misdirection, suggestion and illusion in to my performances which, combined, create the exquisite experience of magic.

Roaming Magic

For the drinks reception.


Roaming magic is performed for small groups of guests at a time while in the casual setting of a social drinks reception style congregation. 

My selection of effects rules out the use of a table when standing with groups of guests to optimise the fluidity of my performance ensuring my presence is subtly uncovered as the room becomes more aware of peoples exclamations and squeals of excitement while sharing moments of pure astonishment.


Table Magic  

Between the courses of the meal.

Table magic is performed while guests are seated and awaiting to be served the next course of their meal.

High impact and visually stunning moments are sprinkled throughout. I spend time with each table of guests performing an interactive kind of magic which encourages participation and ignites conversation, creating a frenzy of excitement and anticipation among the other tables.